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Er of the heart that do not have stannum " Ji Pinjian meets Ao Diqiu " try try d
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Fall season, "Ji Pinjian meets Ao Diqiu " falling smoothly without field of golf of Xi Taihu international act, those who participate in an activity is the friend that to Ao Di Che Fei often is interested in, and " China runs a newspaper " , " the bank that enrol business " the honored guest that waits for an unit.

Participated in that day try those who drive have: The model such as A4, A6L, A8L, Q7, TT, undertake undertaking trying trying in group, other client practices a practice a ball game in golf, some clients try after driving, active demand is participated in again try drive, fall considering the circumstance with apiration of contented beautiful guest, classics is harmonious, be in last rounds, increased partial beautiful guest to try drive, because time concerns, arrive without arrangement, heart Er expresses: Ask a honored guest to be participated in to heart Er exhibition hall try drive, or next time the activity will invite a honored guest to participate in again.

Through a day try drive, everybody is right of Ao Di comfortable and luxurious had farther knowledge with banner science and technology, more deep feeling is had the brand image that changes feeling and enterprising mind extremely by Ao Di brand. We have reason to believe: Abound of the product ceaselessly as Ao Di, wait for model and follow-up model with respect to current A4, A5, A6, A8, Q7, TT, S8, R8, will be the area that do not have stannum enterprise or business the elite of the bound is offerred more the choice of diversification, individuation.

Without Xideer car limited company held water 2002, in 6 years, in the Ao Di that do not have stannum the support of user and all circles personage falls, grow ceaselessly, become the area that do not have stannum enterprise of brand of luxurious car first selection, end at present, add up to sell car of nearly 8000 Ao Di. Be organized every year without Xideer and support various activities. We organized Beijing of activity of choose of hand of convoy of Mount Everest torch, Ao Digui guest to see road of whole nation of A8L of Olympic Games activity, Ao Di perform activity of the station that do not have stannum this year, participate in do not have Xi Taihu international car exposition, hold Ao Di forum of client high end, , abounded the connotation of Ao Di brand namely, also promoted the communication between Ao Di user.

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