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One steam masses is stridden solely without Xishenrong vacate buy outright a car
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One steam masses is stridden solely without Xishenrong vacate buy outright a car one hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

The one steam since October 20 - the masses buys outright a car solely without Xishenrong, stride Teng Shuangxiang 3 years car of 100 thousand kilometer, stock sells an activity to begin especially. As stride vacate 1.8TSI hand to use the agency that blocks the area that do not have stannum to be bought outright exclusively, stride since this day vacate 1.8TSI hand to use standard type by cost price 202100 yuan, show privilege nearly 33 thousand, 169800 yuan sell, buy at the same time stride vacate still can enjoy stride Teng Shuangxiang 3 years or of 100 thousand kilometer protect character, protect 2 years formerly character namely or 60 thousand kilometer, lengthen come 3 years or 100 thousand kilometer. As the 6th generation handkerchief Sa is stridden especially vacate, the tide that develops with car of class of B of home of the person that superior performance leads. Laser beam welding receives high strenth automobile body, ESP, electron assistant gets lost and motive technology erupts continuously inside pressure boost of popular TSI turbine and crock, show its effectively outstanding safety performance, extraordinary drive accuse to experience with insurgent motive force, give your life infuse new energy. On Olympic Games of 8 years of Beijing, regard torch of Olympic Games of 8 years of Beijing as bodyguard car stride those who vacate a success to finish its are divine mission. Regard one steam as the masses without Xishenrong first striding vacate agency to be rolled out this stride vacate the opportunity that bought outright a car to offer overflow choose and buy for broad consumer.

Meanwhile, the Shen Rong that do not have stannum still will roll out model of stock bargain price, fast vacate, treasure comes classical, treasure comes both sides, golf, nimble is amounted to, this action will engulf stannic town again fall car city.

Mobile detail welcomes to seek advice from one steam - the masses does not have stannum concessionary agency, without limited company of Xi Shenrong car
Address: Road of brook of bridge of the city that do not have stannum refers a telephone call 98 numbers: 0510-85703000
Sale chief inspector is linear: 13861858856 network address: Www.srqc.cn

Buy car conduct financial transactions to serve for masses finance without Xishenrongdi: Danger of 1 yuan of cars, 3.99% cars are borrowed interest rate, low head Fu Gaotong leads you to buy Che Meng to want too!

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