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Farsighted ala -- the car that first 0 difficulty drive
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On October 10, one steam horse amounts to sale company vise general manager to say at Hong Jiang oneself, in MAZDA6 farsighted ala appears on the market before, one steam Ma Zida will be all countrywide one steam Ma Zida specializes in inn to assemble " secret weapon " , invite customer trying before driving, can experience farsighted ala place to have " the hand does not leave steering wheel, line of sight 0 move, drive 0 difficulty " wait for distinct product advantage.
As we have learned, this " secret weapon " the human nature that is solid car of a complete imitate changes man-machine interface system. The user need not enter a car in, want progress office only, transcend strong convenience gender with respect to what can experience farsighted ala through the means of game.
Yu Hongjiang says, this system and cycle racing game are similar, complete imitate true car, import from Japan entirely. Should specialize in inn to equip for every the system that this value does not poor, it is to make consumer more deep know the unique dominant position of farsighted ala -- the hand does not leave steering wheel, line of sight 0 move, drive 0 difficulty.
2007, the consumer of advanced car in buying, exceed 60% to be the person that buy a car first. And the person that buy a car first is a novice normally, they are very tall to the convenience sex requirement of the car -- no matter drive to still jockey, hope to stop easily to leave easily. Yu Hongjiang says, be in " history on the strongest " below the help of steering wheel, the consumer of farsighted ala needs to finish light a fire only, step on the gas, with respect to can relaxed start off, can say to farsighted ala is " goofy type " intermediate.
Farsighted ala drives in development when the system, the feeling that drives the person that multiply in order to have an insight into and mood (Appeal To Driver ' S Emotions) for jumping-off place, pursuit acme is with the person this design.
Below dominant of this kind of train of thought, farsighted ala uses new-style human nature to change man-machine interface CF-Net (Cross Functional Network) , will of all kinds commonly used switch is centered on steering wheel, when driving, should undertake be operatinged simply on steering wheel only, can control easily include equipment of navigation device, sound, air conditioning, drive state each systems that wait inside. In addition, the concentration that is located in appearance dial upper part shows screen narrowed greatly drive the limits of shift of line of sight of personnel.
Driving in the process, drive personnel hand does not need to leave steering wheel, the drill that can be given out and completes majority accuses to dictate. In the meantime, drive personnel does not need to undertake the line of sight is transferred, all sorts of appearance in the car can take in everything in a glance.
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