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Inn of bay of city of gold of wide Xin of cropland of wide steam abundant lifts
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Inn of distribute of inn of bay of city of gold of wide Xin of cropland of wide steam abundant will rise in October, hold " free enjoys world quality carefree move feeling draw an interest " Yalishi is tried try drive an activity. At the appointed time consumer should be in place only inn of bay of Jin Cheng of wide Xin of cropland of wide steam abundant signs up can participate in an activity, experience Feng Tian this one whole world is classical of the model all-around high quality.
It is reported, this second activity feels with experiencing Yalishi is moved and drive an interest to give priority to aim, experience project basically was designed " circuit goes continuously " , " snakelike wear picket " reach " even if the kind stops working " etc, can let consumer deepness reflect Yalishi address and abundant and insurgent motive force, nimble hold charge a sex. In October, during November, inn of bay of city of gold of wide Xin of cropland of wide steam abundant will develop this one large activity completely.
Regard Feng Tianquan as one of ball strategy models, yalishi embarked to be the same as the engine of 1.6L double VVT-I of the source with Kaluola, of this engine most high-power is 87Kw/6000rpm, top speed can amount to 195km/h; The biggest torque is 150N•m/4400rpm. Comparative and current the car of small-sized both sides on home market, of Yalishi most high-power and torque output are highlighted particularly, can calls home the dynamical example of small-sized car.
What be 4.7 meters only is the smallest turn radius can make more Yalishi is in snakelike skill is exhibited greatly in wearing picket, vertical row to jockey. Short automobile body and larger front wheel turn to angle to make Yalishi very agile, car head is pointed to very accurate, even if the novice jockeys to also need not expend just little effort, one pace reachs the designated position.
Active safety of Yalishi and passive and safe configuration are very rich also, active and safe respect the GOA automobile body besides whole world of pace of abundant Tian Du, still deployed ABS to prevent hold dead brake system and force of EBD electron apply the brake in the arms dispatching system, plus suit of BA brake support system, make Yalishi is in active and safe respect is impeccable. In respect of passive and safe equipment, yalishi all deployed 1.6L bag of bag of air of double SRS of 2 level type, side SRS air reachs in front of bag of air of curtain type SRS in all bag of 6 SRS air, to be the same as level car place infrequent.
General manager of store of bay of city of gold of wide Xin of cropland of wide steam abundant expresses to the reporter, the motivation of the price that Yalishi has small-sized car, intermediate car is held accuse, in the safety performance of advanced car, have the outstanding character of abundant cropland car, dependability and durable sex at the same time, accord with current society completely young customer goes after outstanding product function and fashionable individual character the consumptive psychology of perfect union, believe to try through be being tried this drive experience activity, consumer people affirmative meeting has more thorough knowledge to Yalishi, fall in love with this car.
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