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Southeast October 25 V3, invite your Yue to enjoy good car, yue enjoys good mann
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On October 11, southeast car announces Yue of water chestnut of strategic model V3 formally open to booking the price to be sixty-four thousand eight hundred, eighty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, without stannic southeast each exhibition halls begin to be accepted in the round book, enjoy closer service to invite broad customer, inn of benefit source 4S will hold Yue of V3 water chestnut on October 25 " the meeting that taste Yue " activity, consumer can arrive inn first with Yue of V3 water chestnut 0 distances are contacted, all coming the consumer that inn attends the meeting that taste Yue still will obtain southeast car missive edition of a set limit to is elegant gift; Order a car to have bigger surprise. Additional, "Joy guesses 31 choose Yue of 7 water chestnut winning V3 " the network has reward interactive activity already was started formally recently, consumer should land website of product of Yue of V3 water chestnut only, 7 happy source with choose you to think the mainest from inside 31 happy option, leaving couplet is means, organic meeting wins take large award -- 10 years of access and award of joy of Yue of V3 water chestnut mix Yue of V3 water chestnut the substantial reward such as lucky award. In the meantime, participator wants to send his option link the good friend only, organic meeting is obtained recommend large award Ipod Touch.

Mobile detailed rules:

Hold time: 28 years October 25 in the morning 8:30-11:30

Hold an address: Hai Donglu of river of new developed area and Xiang Na of mouth of across of Jin Chengdong road 700 meters, drive without stannum corrective on

Advisory hot line: 0510-82121578 82121598

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